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Hello to the .2 people who I'm confident(ish) that will read this.

My name is Emily. And even though I'm one of the busiest people in the world (and I know this for a fact) I decided to start a blog to just type out my feelings. Get them out there without having to deal with the social media baggage that comes with post your feelings. (like, when I post to Facebook and I know my grandma and mother will comment something irrelevant and old sounding and I have to put on my nice voice. Or Instagram where I feel more pressure to justify everything I say and always being politically correct and look good and work out and do fun things and work a great job full of sell fulfillment.)

So yup. I'm starting a blog. And I want this place to be the most mine. Not created for the likes or comments, just my place to lay out my thoughts and share them with other young women who stumble upon my words and feel just a bit better about themselves.

I want to be more honest and blunt in my life. I want to share my opinion and not feel anxiety immediately after. I'd like to feel more like myself in an internet space. So here I am - sometimes ugly, confused, curious, depressed. Living.

Thanks for tagging along the ride <3

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