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I'm always writing something, check out what projects I'm working on:

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Three souls journey across lifetimes to find one another and find safety within one another

Brave Soul


Cheers (to the Broken People) is a short film following the stories of four people preparing for a wedding they all don't want to be at.

Cheers (to the Broken People)


A woman contemplates suicide, and is visited by an angel, who provides here with insight.

An Angel


Independence has never been like her popular older sister, Kali. But tragedy stricks the family and it falls on Independence to keep the family from completely falling apart.



Black Americans have a history of being broken down and underserved. African Americans speak about their personal journey with civil rights and how it connects to events that took place in the civil rights movement. All the while, a cover of “Darkies Never Dream” by Ethel Waters connects the two eras.



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